Minor boy abducted outside mosque, killed for ransom

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March 27, 2024

A minor boy, who went to a local mosque for evening prayers, was kidnapped and later killed for ransom in India.

The victim, 9-year-old Ibad, was found dead in a bag in Maharashtra’s Thane on Tuesday after he was reported missing a day earlier, an Indian media outlet reported.

Local police said that they arrested a suspect Salman Maulvi, a tailor, who abducted the boy in an attempt to extort INR2.3 million from the family to build a new house.

The minor boy’s family began an extensive search for him after he did not return home after the evening prayers.

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According to police, the victim’s father Muddasir received a call from an anonymous phone number demanding ransom in return for his son’s life, however, they could not agree terms as the alleged kidnapper ended the call abruptly without giving any information.

Later, villagers joined hands with the local police in search for the boy after knowing his disappearance.

Police said that the alleged kidnapper also attempted to change his SIM in an attempt to dodge police and evade arrest.

However, Maulvi’s residence was tracked down where the police discovered Ibad’s body in a bag hidden in the backyard of the house.

“After the kidnap, there was a ransom call made. The accused is in our custody. Investigation is being done behind the motive for murdering the child,” Thane SP Dr DS Swami said.

Along with the prime suspect, his brother Safuan Maulvi was also detained for his alleged involvement in the crime while a first information report has been registered at a local police station.

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