Mobilink Bank and BMA Capital Management enter into a Distribution Agreement

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October 25, 2023
Mobilink Bank and BMA Capital Management enter into a Distribution Agreement - Photo Caption English

Islamabad – October 24, 2023: Mobilink Bank has signed a strategic partnership with BMA Capital Management Limited, one of the oldest and top financial groups in Pakistan, welcoming the company as a ‘Brand Ambassador Organization’ to help diversify revenue streams and boost business bottom lines for both organizations. Mobilink Bank aims to enhance customer journeys through this partnership and help enable sustainable business growth.

Mobilink Bank is part of the VEON group, a global digital operator that provides converged connectivity and online services across seven countries. As part of its digital operator strategy, VEON is transforming people’s lives by creating opportunities for increased digital inclusion and by driving economic growth across countries that are home to more than 8% of the world’s population.

Mobilink Bank and BMA Capital signed the agreement in Karachi to formalize the mutually beneficial partnership. Under this partnership, BMA Capital Management will securely deposit funds within Mobilink Bank, offering multiple incentives to enhance their financial health and service capacity. For Mobilink Bank, this partnership embodies a commitment to fostering industry-wide synergies to promote mutual growth and ensure the delivery of high-quality services to customers.

“This strategic alliance with BMA Capital marks a pivotal moment in our resolute commitment to forging transformative industry partnerships,” said Ghazanfar Azzam, President and CEO Mobilink Bank. “This collaboration is set to foster Mobilink Bank’s financial robustness, equipping us to spearhead financial inclusion, bolster MSMEs, and champion the cause of digital and financial literacy, steering our nation towards sustainable economic prosperity,” he added.

Chairman & CEO of BMA Capital Management, Moazzam M. Malik expressed, “We are delighted to join hands with Mobilink Bank in this collaboration, which is a significant step forward in enhancing our business endeavors. We hope the partnership will effectively contribute to our growth and enable us to provide even greater value to our clients and stakeholders.”

Also present at the event, Mian Qasim Saeed Ahmed, President BMA Investment Advisors, commented, “The partnership between BMA Capital and Mobilink Bank is a great accomplishment for both organizations, signifying a major advancement in promoting financial inclusion and improving the range of products available for our customers.”

Mobilink Bank has established itself as a key player in Pakistan’s microfinance sector, dedicated to empowering individuals and enterprises with easy and accessible financial services. With a strong commitment to financial inclusion, the Bank offers a wide range of products and solutions that cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Whether it’s providing microloans to entrepreneurs, facilitating secure digital transactions, or offering savings and investment options, Mobilink Bank plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and improving financial access across the nation.

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