Modern bandage itself would suggest you the Treatment

Scientists say that in next one year they will do an experiment based on the modern bandages. The Strip would be able to gather information about the current condition of injuries, and also would be able to forward the report to the Doctors.

These Strips would be able to work on real time with the help of 5G Technology, and these strips will not just look after of the injuries but also keep track of patient’s activities.

According to the Head of ILS, Professor Mark Clemmit ‘This is the time to make strong bandwidth technology with the help of 5G which will help in the medical sector’.

These modern strips will generate an accurate report of the condition of injuries by using Neno Technology.

According to Professor Mark, your wound will stay connected with the 5G system and also be able to gather information like; where are you, How much you are feeling active or inactive, by using your mobile phone.

He said, in this system, all of your information will be combined so that your doctors would be able to stay updated with the condition of your wound at any time and also able to suggest you the treatment accordingly.


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