Mother left a baby to die in hot car while she was sorting hair at salon

DiJanelle Etta Fowler, 25, who hails from Georgia in the US, left her 1-year-old daughter in a hot car and spent six hours in a beauty salon to do her hair. When she came back, she found her dead. However, the woman showed no signs of regret and covered the child’s body to hide it.

Fowler has been charged with felony murder, cruelty to children and concealing a death in the June 15 death of Skylar Fowler – who was found dead inside a parking deck at Emory University Hospital, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Fowler attended to a hair appointment at the Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Center in Tucker, while leaving her baby in the car. She was in the salon from 10:06am to 4 pm, according to witnesses and security camera footage.

After returning to the car, she probably discovered the child was dead. While asking a man for help to start her car, she hid the child’s body from the man’s view, investigators believe.

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