How much protests and sit-ins costs Pakistan economy

Protests in Islamabad is not a new thing in the history of Pakistani politics. In the past few years, many sit-ins have been staged in the capital of Pakistan. The demands and objectives of the sit-ins were different but the common thing in the protest is panic and huge loss of economy.

According to the government, the protests and sit-in hit the economy of Pakistan.

In 2014, the protest by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in Islamabad’s center D-chowk had been continued for 126 days.

The government of Pakistan said the economy of Pakistan faced a loss of 547 billion rupees due to protests and sit-ins.

According to the report, submitted by the Pakistan government in Supreme Court, the value of Pakistani rupee had been decreased due to protests, so while paying a loan, we have to pay more money and while facing negative impression the stock market of Pakistan had also faced the loss of 319 billion rupees.

The report said government had to pay additional 35 crores 76 lac rupees to the law enforcement agencies, and due to the closure of business centers in Blue area, we had to face a loss of 10 billion rupees.

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