Multan: Speedy oil tanker crushes school van, 4 killed

MULTAN (Dunya News) – An utterly horrible road accident took place in Makhdoom Rasheed area of Multan where a fast-moving oil tanker vehicle crushed a school van, killing three kids and van s driver while nine received injuries.

According to the details, a school van was headed from Mumtazabad to Makhdoom Rasheed when a speedy oil tanker went out of control near Pul Chatha. The horrible collision between oil tanker and school van claimed the lives of three innocent kids and the driver.

Another nine kids have been reported injured. Rescue teams arrived at the location as soon as they were informed about the accident. A crane was arranged at once to pull out the van struck beneath the trailer.

The injured kids were quickly admitted to the Nishtar Hospital through an ambulance. Medical condition of five out of nine school children is criticial, according to the hospital sources.

Consequently, officers from the Makhdoom Rasheed police station took action against the dreadful road crash but all went in vain as the trailer driver escaped from the incident location.

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