National Assembly’s session likely to be called on August 12: Minister

ISLAMABAD (PAK TIMES): Barrister Ali Zafar, the caretaker Minister for Information, Broadcasting and Law, has said in a statement that the National Assembly’s Session was likely to be convened from August 12 to 14.

Speaking to media persons, the Minister said a summary had been sent to the president of Pakistan for calling the National Assembly’s Session.

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The minister added that the newly elected members of parliament would take the oaths in the assembly session, adding the national assembly would then elect the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House.

“Under the law, it was mandatory to summon the session of the National Assembly before August 15,” the Minister added.

Mr. Ali Zafar said it was also expected that sessions of all the provincial assemblies would also be convened on the same dates.

He added that at the first step all recent-elected members of the national assembly would take the oath and then new speaker and deputy speaker of the house would be elected followed by the election of prime minister. This whole process might take three to four days.

He said that the process of nomination papers, scrutiny of nomination papers and the election for the three posts would be time-consuming.

He further said as soon as the newly-elected prime minister would take the oath, the job of the caretakers would be over and power would be transferred to the newly elected government under the law and the Constitution.

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