Nawaz Sharif to visit Turkey, Kuwait and Qatar to ease tensions

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News)- In bid to ease tensions in Persian Gulf, Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif is all set for Kuwait and Turkey tours where he would take Emir Kuwait and Turkish President into confidence and the trio would exert pressure on Saudi and Qatari leadership to solve rift through diplomatic means. PM would also visit Qatar.

The date for the tours was not finalized owing to PM’s appearances before joint investigation team (JIT) probing Sharif’s offshore assets.

Earlier, Nawaz along with army chief visited Saudi Arabia where he held talks with Saudi leadership.

The rupture in Arab diplomatic relations with Qatar and military alliance suspension raises the stakes for many non-Arab Muslim nations especially Pakistan. It threatens to jeopardize their relations with Qatar and force them to choose between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Pakistan has opted to remain neutral and act as meditator.

Saudi Arabia along with its allies UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have cut ties with Qatar after accusing it of harboring hostile elements.


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