Needles, pins and syringes have been founded in woman’s legs

Doctors in India are in utter shock to find sharp objects in a woman’s legs who claims that needles, pins, and syringes have been appearing in her limbs since 2012.

Anusuiya Devi, 35, from a small village in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, has difficulties walking, sitting and standing for the past five years due to the excruciating pain, and is now begging medics for help.

The doctors believe the woman must be inserting the sharp objects herself but Anusuiya claims she has never self-harmed. Anusuiya is a widow and lives with her brother Awadesh Kumar for the last seven years since she lost her husband.

Anusuiya was quoted saying in the Mail Online: “I have had this problem for five years. Needles just come out of my legs. I have no idea how they get in there and I’m fed of the constant pain now. Doctors say this is some kind of sickness but none of them seem to be aware of it. I just want someone to help me, I am in pain every day.”

The woman also claimed small pimples erupted on her legs which eventually grew bigger before they burst and pushed out a needle or nail. Anusuiya’s brother denied that his sister harms herself or inserts sharp objects into her legs.

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