Negotiations fails: Oil Tankers Association to continue strike

ISLAMABAD: Negotiations between the Oil Tankers Association and the Ministry of Petroleum failed on Tuesday as the association announced the strike would continue.

According to details, the Oil Tankers Association and OGRA remained firm on their respective demands and refused to budge. The association refused to act on the directives of OGRA.

The association stated that a two axle tanker was used for the transportation of 40,000 liters of petrol. The association wondered why now a three axle tanker is being demanded.

“It is not possible to implement the new laws of OGRA immediately,” claimed members of the association. “We are implementing the laws of OGRA for the past 10 years,” they added.

Imran Ghaznavi, the spokesperson of OGRA, stated that in order to transport 50,000 liters of petrol, a five axle tanker was necessary.He said that in order to transport 40,000 liters of petrol, a three axle tanker was necessary.

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