New Dehli police Arrested five men allegedly killing cows

NEW DELHI: Indian police Friday arrested five men for “animal cruelty” after they were caught skinning a buffalo and beaten on suspicion of killing a cow, an animal considered sacred by Hindus.

The mob bashing in Uttar Pradesh state is just the latest such attack by Hindu vigilantes in India, where there has been a spate of assaults and murders in recent months of accused cow killers.

Police said a Hindu mob raided a dairy farm in Aligrah where they found five low-caste men skinning a buffalo, an animal not considered sacred and whose slaughter is legal at permitted abattoirs.

The men claimed the animal had died of natural causes and the dairy owner had requested they remove the hide, but the mob alleged it was a cow they had slaughtered and set upon them.

Local police chief Rajesh Kumar Pandey said an investigation would determine how the buffalo died, and the skinners would be held for questioning.

“They have been arrested on charges of animal cruelty, and further charges will depend on the outcome of the autopsy report,” Pandey told the agencies.

None of the attackers — all high-caste Hindus — had been arrested as police had not received a formal complaint from the victims, he added.

Footage of the incident aired by local broadcasters showed the attackers punching and kicking a man while he was being taken away by police.

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