Now you can easily ignore annoying friends on Facebook

Facebook is making it easier to ignore your most annoying friends, reported The Independent.

The social network has created a Snooze option, which you can use to mute people and pages for a certain amount of time, blocking their updates from your News Feed.

You can choose to Snooze accounts for 24 hours, seven days or 30 days.

The feature was first spotted by TechCrunch. To Snooze an account, you need to hit the menu button at the top-right of an update and select Unfollow or Snooze.

Snooze is a convenient, non-permanent alternative to completely Unfollowing someone – which is still an option.

It can be easy to lose track of people you’ve Unfollowed, and re-following them – if you so wish – isn’t a completely straightforward process.

You can either head to all of their profiles individually or launch News Feed Preferences, which is well-hidden inside the column to the left of the News Feed.

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