Opposition blames PML-N for Hussain’s photo leak

ISLAMABAD: Opposition in the National Assembly on Monday questioned the motives behind the photo leak of Hussain Nawaz while being quizzed about the Sharif family’s offshore assets by the joint investigation team (JIT), claiming it was a ‘deliberate move’ on behalf of the government.

Since the building of the Federal Judicial Academy is managed by the law ministry and its security rests with the Ministry of Interior, the opposition questioned as to how such an inside leak could have been made possible?

The question was raised during a sitting of the National Assembly on Monday.

Clarifying the allegations of deliberately leaking the photo of prime minister’s son Hussain, a Ministry of Interior spokesman said, “A political party has put the responsibility of the leakage of the photo on the ministry, which is baseless and ridiculous.”

In a statement, the spokesman said the external security of the judicial academy was the job of Islamabad police, while the interior ministry/Islamabad police had no role in administrative matters of the academy.

Any department or institution of the interior ministry, including the Islamabad police, had ‘no’ access to the offices, JIT and its proceedings or film making, the statement added.

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