Osama bin Laden’s wife breaks silence on Abbottabad raid

Amal bin Laden, the youngest and fourth wife of slain Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, narrated the full account of the night her husband was killed by US Navy Seal 6 team inside the compound in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011. 

According to details provided by Amal to Cathy Scott-Clarke and Adrian Levy for their book The Exile: The Flight of Osama bin Laden, Osama was fast asleep after dinner when he awoke due to a noise outside the compound.

“The Americans are coming,” he said, panting.

The husband and wife crept to the balcony in each other’s arms, afraid of what was to come next. Amal bin Laden described it as a ‘moonless night’ on which it was difficult to see.

On the lawn outside their compound, were 24 Navy Seals creeping towards the house with two US military Black Hawks.

In the house on that fateful night were not only Amal and Osama bin Laden but the Al-Qaeda chief’s other wives Seham and Khairiah as well as his 22-year-old son Khalid and other children.

Amal claimed that Osama called Khalid to come to him and the 22-year-old grabbed an Ak-47 rifle she knew he had not fired since he was 13.

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