Pakistan Army ‘has satellite proof’ of Afghan involvement in cross-border terrorism

MIRANSHAH: The Pakistan Army “has satellite images and ground reports that prove Afghanistan’s involvement” in cross-border terrorist acts and infiltration of Afghan militants into Pakistan.

“Satellite images show that the Afghan border area of Parchow in Nangarhar district had been utilised by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Khalid Sajna and Da’ish groups to train militants,” said Lieutenant Colonel Haroon on Thursday while briefing Peshawar-based journalists at the North Waziristan headquarters.

“The soil of Afghanistan has also been used against targets in Pakistan,” Lt Col Haroon said, while claiming to “have pictorial proof that TTP Commander Abdul Wali resides in Nangarhar district and runs terror activities from Parchow.”

Stressing the need for effective border management for ensuring peace in Pakistan, he assured, “We will never allow Pakistani soil to be utilised for destabilizing Afghanistan.”

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