Pakistan becomes first foreign nation to benefit from China’s BeiDou system

BEIJING: After building the infrastructure needed to allow China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite (BDS) system to be fully used in Karachi, the company, which developed the system is now looking to provide the satellite navigation service to more countries along the route taken by “One Belt One Road” initiative.

UniStrong Science and Technology Co, a Beijing-headquartered global navigation satellite system, positioning and timing service provider, successfully established a regional BeiDou Navigation Satellite system network consisting of five base stations and one processing center in Karachi on May 21, 2014, a report published in China’s Global Times said.

This network, unlike the single point base stations already installed in countries like Thailand, marked the first time China has brought its full BeiDou system with 2-centimeter accuracy to a foreign nation, Zhang Ruifeng, head of the UniStrong’s publicity department told the Global Times on Tuesday.

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