Pakistan expresses ‘deep concern’ over ongoing developments in Middle East

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April 14, 2024


Pakistan expressed ‘deep concern’ on Sunday over the ongoing developments in the Middle East and said that there is an urgent need to stabilize the situation and restore peace.

According to the statement by the FO spokesperson, for several months, Pakistan has emphasized the need for international efforts to ensure peace in the region and a ceasefire in Gaza.

Pakistan had pointed to the attack on the Iranian consular office in Syria on April 2 as a major escalation in the region and today’s developments show a breakdown in diplomacy, the FO said.

The statement added that such incidents also underline the grave implications in cases where the UN Security Council is unable to fulfil its responsibilities of maintaining international peace and security.

Pakistan called on all parties to exercise utmost restraint and move towards de-escalation.

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Earlier, Pakistan welcomed the provisional measures ordered by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel following its invasion of Gaza.

“We consider the ICJ’s ruling timely and a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people and international accountability of Israel,” the FO said.

Pakistan called for the full and effective implementation of the ICJ’s decision so that basic human rights, dignity and identity of Palestinian people as a distinct group were upheld and protected, as stipulated by the United Nations Charter, relevant UN resolutions, and international law.

“Pakistan reaffirms its unwavering support to the Palestinian people in their just and legitimate struggle for the realization of their inalienable right to self-determination.”

With a similar spirit, “Pakistan has supported the application filed by South Africa before the ICJ against Israel under the 1948 Genocide Convention, in follow up to which the Court today announced the provisional measures,” it added.

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