Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is ready for general elections 2018: Khan

KARACHI: PTI chief Imran Khan said on Wednesday that he would secure more votes from the people of Karachi in the upcoming election than the previous one. 

Imran Khan was speaking to students at Institute of Business Management (IoBM) on Awaz show with Shahzad Iqbal.

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Q. Do you see yourself sitting in the prime minister’s seat?

I believe PTI is ready and our workers are ready to win the polls. Success is not defined by becoming the prime minister of a country. Many prime ministers have come and gone, do you even remember their names?

I wanted to bring about human development and improve institutions of the country. That is how I define success.

Q. How will you change the situation in Karachi when you can’t win enough seats to have your party’s chief minister elected from Sindh?

“I believe that PTI will secure more votes from Karachi than ever before,” he said.

The PTI chief shot down assumptions that his party would not be able to install his chief minister in Sindh. He said that it was premature to comment on whether or not the party could secure the most seats from Sindh.

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