Jeremy Corbyn says Pakistan should be treated with respect not criticized from outside

The leader of Britain’s main opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, has urged the world to treat Pakistan respectfully and refrain from criticizing it.

In an interview with British media, Corbyn asserted that every country should play their possible role in eradicating terrorism as the role implies to all nations and not only Pakistan.

“Pakistan is a state that should be treated with respect and not condemned from outside. I think all states have got to do everything they possibly can in tackling terrorism and that applies to every country,” he notified.

According to him, the reason behind increasing US troops in Afghanistan is the continuation of America’s failed policies in the past. Corbyn reiterated that the solution to Afghanistan issue is political negotiations. “I made it very clear when President Trump announced an increase in the American military. This was the rededication of a failed policy. I do not support it; do not think it is the way forward. The way forward has to be a political dialogue,” he said.

Commenting on the situation of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, the opposition party leader advised Aung San Suu Kyi to take care of the human rights of the persecuted people.

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