Pakistan wants to open its land route between Afghanistan and India for trade: US

Washington: A senior American Ambassador has claimed that the association among Pakistan and Afghanistan postulates that Pakistan ought to rehabilitate the economic doors between India and Afghanistan through the subway.

Pakistan’s immediate contact with Afghanistan indicates that the newly-elected government of Pakistan wants to open its land route between Afghanistan and India for trade.

In the interview with The Economic Times, the American-Ambassador John Boss said that by the opening of the subway between South and Middlemost Asia, all countries of the region will benefit.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan does not allow India to trade with Afghanistan through the subway pass from it and it has been protested that the technological and strategic issues related to transit trade should be resolved on the priority basis.

John Boss posited that a few months back the foremost time, Pakistani authorities expressed their desire of Afghan-collaborative-discussion to rehabilitate the trading between Afghanistan and India through its territory.

In his Interview, the American-Envoy posited that Indian companies are promoting their investments in Afghanistan with the pasage of time. Granting to the facts and the numbers of the last year, Delhi did the investment of 20.7 million dollars in Afghanistan. While the Indian companies are likely to invest more 200 million dollars in Afghanistan.

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