Pakistani government protests to Netherlands over blasphemous contest

ISLAMABAD: The newly-appointed foreign minister Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi complained to his Dutch counterpart on Tuesday over a planned anti-Islam cartoon contest.

The foreign minister said that “such acts spread hate and intolerance”.

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Far-right Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has planned the contest for later in the year, and caricatures of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed are to be exhibited.

A statement by the Pakistani foreign office said the Foreign Minister said the planned event would hurt the feelings of Muslims living around the world.

Minister Qureshi said later he planned to take up the issue with several world leaders. “We have raised this issue at several levels,” he said. “We have contacted the United Nations. We have contacted the European Union.”

Pakistan’s upper house of parliament on Monday condemned the contest. Prime Minister Imran Khan said: “They don’t understand how much they hurt us when they do such acts.”

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