Pakistani and Indian families exchange Diwali sweets in Dubai

Festivals are the best time to patch up, to forget differences and extend a hand of friendship. And Pakistan Association of Dubai (PAD) officials chose the occasion of Diwali as the best time to strengthen bonds with their Indian neighbors at India Club, which is literally a street away from the PAD office in Oud Metha.

A delegation of five officials from PAD, led by Dr. Faisal Ikram, PAD president, visited the India Club with sweets and Pakistani sherbets to meet and greet them on Diwali. This was the first time that PAD officials ever visited the India Club.

The initiative was taken by the newly elected PAD cabinet that took oath earlier last week.

Commenting on the visit, India Club Dubai general manager Bharat Chachara said: ” Although we have interacted with PAD members at the different forum this was the first time they came over to our premises and took a tour of our facilities. We took PAD officials on a tour of the club facilities and showed how we function here at the India Club.

India Club officials the ordered a lavish Diwali meal for PAD officials over which they exchanged ideas about the different activities they were doing and discussed how they could collaborate with each other to do something on a bigger scale together.

Dr. Faisal Ikram said: “We want to give out a message of solidarity and tolerance through this visit so that people of our country continue to live in harmony and learn from each other, share their experiences and this is also the objective of the CDA. The association wishes Happy Diwali to all Hindu community members of both the countries.”

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