Pakistani student won the Queen’s Young Leader Award 2017

LONDON (APP) – Pakistani student Syed Faizan Hussain won the Queen’s Young Leader Award 2017 in recognition of his use of technology to create solutions to the problems in his community.

The award winners this year led projects tackling global issues including education, climate change, gender equality, mental health and disability equality.

After receiving the award Syed Faizan Hussain said, “I am delighted to have received this award and look forward to expanding my leadership skills and engaging with people from various fields who will be sharing their ideas and experiences.”

During his time with the Saylani Welfare Trust, Hussain mentored over 200 students from underprivileged backgrounds, according to his profile on the Queen’s Leadership Award website.

He has also developed a number of startups, including Edu-Aid, an app that translates sign language into spoken language and OneHealth, a disease surveillance and tracking system which notifies health institutions about epidemic outbreaks.

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