Pakistani Woman creates world’s first hand-stitched Quran

(Web Desk) – Pakistani’s love for their religion is a tale of great affection and passion on its own. One such example is of Zamrud Khan, the Pakistani woman who most recently is reported to have created the World’s first hand-stitched Quran. The Pakistani woman dedicated almost seven and a half years creating the masterpiece.

The Pashtun woman who currently resides in Korangi town Karachi, worked tirelessly to create the piece of art that shows her love and dedication for both Islam and the Quran.

The pages of stitched Quran are made of cotton and are beautifully bordered with green silk along with gold colored embroidery. Each chapter’s (Sipara) outer page is also decorated in the same pattern. Even the entire text was stitched with the vibrant green color. Zamrud’s epic creation weighs approximately 60 kilos.

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