Pakistanis and Indians among the nationalities starting new businesses in Dubai

Old Dubai areas – Bur Dubai and Deira – still dominate the interest of new businessmen starting their venture in the emirate. Among the nationalities, most of the new businesses were started by the Indians, Pakistanis, and Egyptians last year in Dubai, show official figures.

Figures released by Dubai Economy showed that Bur Dubai and Deira topped the list of new licenses issued with a share of 9,032 each, followed by New Dubai (1,753) and Hatta (70).

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The figures showed that Saudi, Britons and GCC nationals were the other top nationalities which applied for new business licenses with Dubai Economy last year.

Saudis ranked second in terms of market share, followed by Omanis, Kuwaitis and finally Bahrainis in that order. Among the new licenses issued in 2017, 12 percent went to women,” Dubai Economy said in a statement on Sunday.

The UAE has the largest number of Indian migrants, who number 3.31 million while there are 1.3 million Pakistani nationals in the emirate.

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