Passenger detained at Philippine airport for carrying gun and ammo inside baggage

A passenger bound for a popular vacation island was held in a Philippine airport for carrying a firearm as well as 16 rounds of ammunition and two magazine cartridges in his baggage.

According to a Manila Times report, a handgun was seized from Caticlan-bound Silvestre Mendoza Roque (52) who claimed that he forgot to remove his 45-calibre firearm from his baggage. The handgun was also retrieved alongside 16 rounds of 45 calibre ammunition as well as two magazines.

Roque was later turned over to airport security where it was revealed that his firearm license had expired and he had no permit to carry (PTC).

This is not the first time that Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has apprehended passengers carrying ammunition. Several travellers have been intercepted by airport staff for carrying arms earlier too. Many of those caught claim that they keep a bullet as some sort of amulet to “ward off evil”.

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