PCB will not allow its players to participate in T10 League

The Pakistan Cricket Board will not allow its players to participate in this year’s T10 League until it is fully satisfied with the credibility of the event, said Ehsan Mani, the new chairman of the board, on Sunday.

“I am holding back my position [on providing a NOC to the Pakistani players to participate in the T10] until I am fully satisfied with specifics on whose money is fueling this league,” Mani told reporters in Dubai.

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India currently does not allow any of their stars to play in leagues other than the Indian Premier League, a policy Mani termed ‘commendable’.

The PCB has a duty to protect its players’ welfare, as well as its own reputation, Mani said.

“There is a proliferation of these franchises and leagues, and we have to be very, very selective.”

“The PCB already has a policy in principle that no player can play in more than one league apart from the PSL,” he clarified.

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