Pentagon told multiple stories to mother about son’s death

The mother of a U.S. soldier who died during an ambush in Niger accused the Pentagon on Monday of lying to her family about how her son was killed.

Sgt. La David Johnson was one of four U.S. soldiers killed in October after an ISIS-affiliated group ambushed their convoy of 30 U.S. and Nigerien forces. His body was not located until forty-eight hours after the firefight.

“It hurts me because La David honored his job,” Cowanda Jones-Johnson told CNN on Monday. “And to be told seven different stories, it really hurts me.”

Jones-Johnson said the Pentagon initially told her family that her son was possibly in enemy hands and that he had activated his GPS which showed him changing location.

A U.S. official familiar with the details of the ongoing U.S. military investigation of the incident told ABC News that the investigation has determined that Sgt. Johnson had not been captured or executed at close range. Instead, investigators have concluded that he died in the protracted firefight that ensued following the initial ambush by ISIS militants.

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