Pentagon urges Pakistan to take more steps for defeating terrorism

WASHINGTON: As the United States and Pakistan reengage on Tuesday in efforts to improve their ties, the Pentagon reminded Islamabad that war against terrorism in the South Asian region has reached an inflection point and it should use this opportunity to defeat terrorists.

“With respect to Pakistan we believe that Pakistan can do more to combat terrorism,” Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W. White said at a weekend news briefing in Washington.

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“This is an inflection point and this is an opportunity and Pakistan has an opportunity to do more,” she added. “They’ve been victims of terrorism. So, we’ll look forward to continuing to work with them to see where there are opportunities.”

When reminded that Pakistan has welcomed the Afghan government’s latest peace offer to the Taliban, Ms. White said: “The Taliban has to abandon terror, it has to abandon violence, and it has to support the Afghan constitution.”

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