PIA airhostess arrested at Toronto airport for ‘passport fraud’

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March 29, 2024

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight attendant was apprehended at Toronto International Airport for carrying ‘unauthorised’ passports for international travel.

Express News learned from sources that Hina Sani, a member of the cabin crew, arrived in Toronto on PIA Flight PK-789. Allegedly, she was found in possession of passports that did not belong to her, prompting airport authorities to confiscate them.

International air travel regulations strictly prohibit the use of passports belonging to other individuals, constituting a criminal offense.

According to sources, Sani was traveling with seven other crew members, all of whom had previously been designated as ‘no-fly personnel’ by Canadian authorities.

Interestingly, all crew members had obtained special permission from the ‘DGM Flight Services,’ using DGM’s own IDs, which deviated from standard procedure.

Following initial questioning, two members of the cabin crew were permitted to proceed to their hotel.

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A PIA spokesperson confirmed that the airline is aware of the situation and is coordinating with Canadian authorities. PIA pledged full cooperation and commitment to adhering to any legal processes as required.

Sources revealed that Hina Sani had been detained in the past for suspected involvement in smuggling illegal items into Canada. Additionally, she has been known to pursue modeling activities on various social media platforms.

This incident follows previous accusations against PIA crew members regarding smuggling and traveling with incomplete documentation.

In October 2022, a PIA flight attendant reportedly absconded in Canada after a flight from Islamabad to Toronto. Similarly, another air hostess was apprehended for shoplifting in France.

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