PM orders mechanism to meet five-year roadmap

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March 31, 2024


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday urged his cabinet members to immediately commence work towards achieving the targets set in a five-year roadmap as shared with all the relevant ministries.

Addressing a meeting of the cabinet, the prime minister said that he had shared broad parameters of five-year plan with the relevant ministries by setting various targets to be achieved immediately without wasting time.

Under the parameters, he said the ministries concerned should evolve mechanism, hire human resources and formulate strategies to meet the set targets, he added.

“Responsibility with accountability will be the hallmark of the five-year roadmap as no system in the world can progress without it,” he opined.

The prime minister said that for the purpose, all the available resources and tools should be explored besides, those not available immediately be procured.

He said that for overcoming delays and red tape, the forum like Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) was available, adding for hiring of global consultants, the relevant rules should also be followed.

The prime minister stressed for utilization of country’s talented human resource for achieving the targets.

He also urged the ministries to adopt innovative tools and thinking, besides, reducing the file work burden.

“We have five-year term to transform the economic situation of the country, but for that purpose, we have to commence our respective work immediately,” he emphasised.

For achieving self-sufficiency, the prime minister said that they had to reduce the burden of foreign debts, increase GDP, create jobs, develop agriculture and IT sectors, bring reforms in energy sector and end smuggling.

When the wheel of economy moved on, the country would achieve progress, he said, adding that for the economic stability, they have to take the required initiatives themselves.

The prime minister said that FBR digitalization plan was underway.

About Rs27 billion were stuck in the appellate courts and for expeditious disposal of these cases, they would bring competent judges with enhanced incentives, he added.

He said the Chief Justice of Pakistan, during a recent meeting with him, had also assured of complete support in this regard.
The prime minister noted that efforts should be made for reducing the official expenditures.

He said achieving $25 billion IT export target was not unfeasible.

The prime minister also appreciated the interim government for recovering Rs58 billion rupees in power sector and said that for the first time in the country’s history, such a target was achieved in the shortest term.

The prime minister also assured to provide all possible resources for the defence of the country, adding that shaheed officers and personnel of the armed forces and security forces were the heroes of the nation.

The prime minister said on 26 March, an unfortunate horrifying incident occurred in Bisham in which five Chinese and one local were killed.

He said the enemies of Pakistan that did not want that Pak-China friendship should progress, adding that the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in different fields was exemplary.

The prime minister said that they stood with the Chinese government and the people over the tragic incident.

He recounted that he had visited the Chinese embassy and conveyed to the Chinese President, Premier and the Chinese people their condolences on behalf of the entire Pakistani nation.

The Chinese leadership was assured that the investigation would be carried out immediately and the responsible would get exemplary punishment, he added.

The prime minister reiterated that they would not rest till elimination of terrorism. 

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