PML-N members willing to join PTI in droves: Imran

ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan said on Tuesday that scores of PML-N members wanted to join PTI since they were not happy with the leadership of their own party. 

Addressing media personnel on the occasion of former PPP MNA Noor Alam Khan joining PTI, the cricketer-turned-politician welcomed Noor Alam’s decision.

“We welcome Noor Alam Khan with open arms into PTI,” said Imran. “Time will prove that Noor Alam has made the right choice,” he added.

Alleging that PML-N had sent goons to disrupt the lawyers event that was held a couple of days ago, Imran said that the Sharif brothers always exacted revenge on their opponents.

Imran said that masses knew him and his track record since 40 years yet PML-N had registered false cases against him. However, he said that PTI was not afraid of PML-N’s politics of vengeance.

“Lots of people from the PML-N are willing to join the PTI,” said Imran Khan.

Imran also criticised Hussain Nawaz and said that while it was the PTI which was supposed to raise objections on the JIT members, it was Hussain Nawaz who had expressed reservations.

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