Here are PM’s answers of 14 questions asked by JIT: Dunya News

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The details of the questions asked by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and their answers by the premier have been obtained by Dunya News.

According to the report submitted by the investigation team in the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, PM Nawaz tried to avoid answering the questions, and his replies were mostly unsatisfactory.

Here’s the list of 14 questions that were asked from the premier, and their respective answers:

Question 1: You confirmed about the presence of Al Azizia and Gulf Steel’s record, the lawyer negated it?
Answer: I am not sure about that, perhaps I have submitted the record to National Assembly Speaker.

Question 2: Which record has been submitted by your sons regarding Al Azizia and Gulf Steel?
Answer: I have not seen their recommendations, but I support them.

Question 3: Have you bring any documents with you?
Answer: I do not have any further documents, as I have already submitted all of them.

Question 4: Are you aware about the loan settlement of Al-Taufeeq Company?
Answer: I have heard about the settlement, but I am not aware about the details.

Question 5: Were London flats under consideration at the time of distribution of assets?
Answer: Hassan and Hussain possessed London flats. I am not sure, perhaps Hassan Nawaz is the owner.

Question 6: Hussain says he owns the flats, Hassan lived in them for over a decade?
Answer: It is not an unusual thing between two brothers.

Question 7: Are you aware about the trust deed between Hassan and Maryam?
Answer: I am not aware about the trust deed between them.

Question 8: Do you know Saeed Ahmad? Did you have business relations with him?
Answer: I know him for quite some time, but I have no business relations with him.

Question 9: Do you know Qazi family?
Answer: I am not aware of Qazi family, as I meet many people and it is not possible for me to remember all of them.

Question 10: Do you know Sheikh Saeed?
Answer: Neither do I know Sheikh Saeed, nor do I have any business relations with him.

Question 11: Was a loan settlement made with NAB regarding Chaudhry and Ramzan Sugar Mills?
Answer: I am not aware of any loan settlement of these sugar mills.

Question 12: Did you send money abroad for your family?
Answer: I did not send any money abroad for my family.

Question 13: Was the amount used for political funding that was received from Hill Metal?
Answer: No, the amount was not used for political funding, but would that be a crime had I done that?

Question 14: Was the Hill Metal amount not received as foreign funding?
Answer: PM Nawaz did not give any answer to this question.


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