Police arrested four CDA officials over gang rape in F-9 park

ISLAMABAD (PAK TIMES): After the horrifying incident, a girl allegedly has been raped by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials in F-9 park Islamabad, police have detained the four accused involved in the case.

As per the details garnered, a young woman was sexually assaulted by CDA officials in Islamabad at a park located in the center of the city in the F-9 sector. The detained suspects confessed the crime that they have committed gang rape with a young woman.

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This incident happened when a woman came with a male partner in the park. As the couple entered the Fatima Jinnah Park on August 2, an official approached them and introduced himself as the CDA official and rudely asked what she was doing in the park with a boy.

The official sexually assaulted the girl on threatening to boy and girl for calling the police as well as their parents.

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