Police arrested a Man for selling his 11 ‘wives’

Police in Bihar has arrested a Muslim villager for allegedly selling his wives shortly after entering into formal wedlock in a bid to make fast bucks.

As per reports, the man trafficked his 11 wives in the past 12 years after staying with them with him for hardly three to four months.

Mohammad Kamal, a 36-year-old resident of Kahalgaon in eastern Bihar’s Bhagalpur district, would entice young women under the guise of marriage and then quickly sell them to brothels/people involved in sex trade. He would normally sell them in the Aligarh area of Uttar Pradesh, according to the police.

But his game ended on Tuesday when one of his wives Jilebia Khatoon fled from the clutches of a sex trafficker in Aligarh and reached her home to confront the accused who was looking for another prey.

“Soon after marriage, he took me to Aligarh on the pretext of getting a job there but sold me to a man. Here, I came to know he had done this many times in the past. Somehow, I fled from his clutches and reached my home in Bhagalpur. I knew he will be there looking for another prey,” 25-year-old Jilebia told the local media today.

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