Prime Minister of Jordan resigns after anti-austerity protests

Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki resigned on Monday after a wave of anti-austerity protests by citizens suffering from high unemployment and repeated prices hikes.

Mulki was summoned by King Abdullah II after the capital Amman and several other cities were rocked by demonstrations that drew thousands of people.

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“Prime Minister Hani Mulki submitted his resignation to the king this afternoon during a meeting at the Husseiniyeh Palace and the king accepted the resignation,” a government source told AFP.

The king asked Education Minister Omar al-Razzaz to form a new government, the source added.

Jordan, a key US ally, has largely avoided the unrest witnessed by other countries in the region since the Arab Spring revolts broke out in 2011, although protests did flare late that year after the government cut fuel subsidies.

A mostly desert kingdom with few resources, the country has seen prices of several basic goods and services like bread, fuel, and electricity steadily rise over the past year.

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