Provision of medicines to the Hepatitis patients at their doorsteps is a revolutionary step of CM Punjab

Deputy Commissioner Lodhran Raja Khurrum Shahzad said that on special directions of CM Punjab emergency center equipped with modern technology will be built in DHQ hospital Lodhran which will be a model for the whole country in regard to emergency treatment.

He expressed these remarks while addressing the meeting held in Conference Room of DHQ Hospital to finalize the Emergency Center with the suggestions from Doctors, Consultants, Surgeons, Physicians, and Technicians.

He said that doctors from all the departments should tell about the necessity of the modern medical facilities for Emergency Center, he directed the Medical superintendent to prepare presentation within two days.

He said that best Emergency facilities will be made available to the people of this area with the new emergency center.

Deputy Commissioner Raja Khurrum Shahzad said that provision of medicines to the Hepatitis patients at their doorsteps is a revolutionary step of CM Punjab, he added that patients should rest at homes rather than visiting hospitals and dispensaries and focus on their recovery.

He expressed these remarks while handing over the packets of medicine to the patients registered with DHQ Hospital Lodhran Hepatitis’s camps.

These medicines have been given to those patients whose address could not be located by the courier company. Hospital located such patients by itself and hand over them with their medicine.

Deputy Commissioner further said that this process of distributing medicine will continue as long as this disease exists, however, all patients should follow the instructions of Medical Superintendent and stay in contact with Hospital administration.

While visiting the Hepatitis camps he said that along with Health Department health should be observed for the other departments as well, in camps diagnosis of disease should be made possible use modern methods.

CEO Health Dr. Tariq Gillani said that in this camp 885 servants have been tested and provided with the treatment facilities. He added that tests of all the employees will be conducted and whoever needs treatment will be provided.

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