PTI will strongly resist privatisation of PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills: Khan

KARACHI: Taking advantage of the city’s political situation shortly after the Senate elections, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan rushed to the metropolis on Sunday and announced that he would contest the general elections from Karachi.

Mr. Khan, who arrived here on a two-day whirlwind tour, made this declaration while speaking at party membership camps set up in different areas as well as at the party workers’ convention and a doctors’ forum that he addressed soon after his arrival.

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He said that if the next prime minister was not elected from Karachi neither the city could progress nor improvement in the overall governance was possible. He said the Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had failed to deliver despite forming governments repeatedly one after the other. He said the PTI managed to break the partnership of Mr. Zardari and Mr. Sharif.

Citing an example of Khyber Bank, the PTI chief said its performance was visibly improved after being operated on a merit basis while declaring that after coming to power, his party would get political interference in institutions stopped to improve their working.

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