Punjab govt spends Rs 220 million amount on ‘entertainment and gifts’

LAHORE (Dunya News) – The government of Punjab has spent a total of Rs 550 million on ‘entertainment and gifts’ for the officials of the government departments.

According to reports, the designated budget for ‘entertainment and gifts’ was Rs 330 million, but government departments spent Rs 220 million more than what had been allocated.

With regards to the expenditure of chief minister’s house, Rs 24.2 million was designated for entertainment and gifts, but instead Rs 86.2 million was spent. Moreover, the Directorate General of Protocol spent Rs 31 million while Administration of Justice spent Rs 22.5 million.

Meanwhile, Home department had a designated budget of Rs 0.8 million but the department spent Rs 3.8 million. S&GAD spent Rs 19 million, which was Rs 5 million more than the allocated budget for entertainment and gifts.

Health department was designated a budget of Rs 0.2 million while it spent Rs 20 million. Punjab Assembly’s officers and staff spent Rs 4 million, a million more than their allocated budget.

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