Punjab police censures ‘fake propaganda’ after videos of Bahawalnagar incident go viral

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April 11, 2024

The Punjab Police censured “fake propaganda” after videos showing men in army uniforms allegedly assaulting police officials in Bahawalnagar went viral a day earlier on social media. 

“The matter in Bahawalnagar, which went viral on social media, has been taken out of context and exaggerated,” said the force on its official X account. 

The footage of the incident drew widespread outrage from all quarters including the citizenry and journalists.

“When the unverified videos went viral, both institutions launched a joint investigation. Officers from both institutions reviewed the facts and peacefully resolved the matter,” said the provincial police and added that the incident was being portrayed in a manner to “imply that there was fighting between Pakistan Army and Punjab Police” personnel. 

The police further said that the force and the Pakistan Army are cooperating to eliminate terrorists and criminals from the province. 

“We request that social media users do not spread fake propaganda.”

The provincial police, however, did not elaborate on the cause of the scuffle. 






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