Ramazan starts in Saudi Arabia from Saturday

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court announced on Thursday that Saturday, May 27 will be the first day of Ramazan, Al Arabiya English reported on Thursday.

“On Thursday, Saudi was not able to sight Ramazan’s crescent,” the website reported. “It is expected that Ramazan to will start on Saturday.”

According to Al Jazeera, the holy month of Ramazan will begin on the eve of Friday, May 26 or Saturday, May 27 for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Ghana.

Qatar, the UAE and Lebanon also announced that they were unable to sight the moon on Thursday, and would thus sight it on Friday. Iraq was also unable to sight the moon.

Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, India expect Ramazan on the eve of Saturday, May 27 or Sunday, May 28, depending on moon sighting on the evening of Friday, May 26.

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