A religious healer has been jailed for a year for blackmailing Arab Woman

A religious healer, who blackmailed an Arab woman of posting her half-naked video on social media if she didn’t pay Dh10,000, has been jailed for a year.

The Al Ain Criminal Court of First Instance found the Arab man guilty of trying to defraud the woman through blackmail and illegal practice of healing services.

Official court documents stated that the woman, who had separated from her husband after finding that he had a second wife, suffered from psychological problems.

She approached the Arab man, who claimed to be treating people with psychological problems using the Holy Quran.

The woman had been taken to the man’s house for treatment by her female friend.

Two days after reading verses from the Holy Quran at his home, the man invited the woman to a hotel in Al Ain, saying that he had another special treatment for her.

The woman allegedly went with her friend to the hotel.

The man asked her to take off her clothes as he had to smear the special oil which contained medicine on parts of her body.

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