Rs10b bribe offer: PML-N yet to proceed against Imran Khan

LAHORE: The PML-N leadership is yet to move against PTI chief Imran Khan for his allegation that he was offered Rs10 billion to keep quiet on the Panama Papers, as the timeframe for both the legal notices expired earlier this week.

The first legal notice was served on May 8 by Shehbaz Sharif through his counsel Khawaja Haris, whereas the second notice was served on May 10 by Hamza Shehbaz through his counsel Advocate Azam Nazeer Tarar.

Both the notices were served under Section 8 of the Defamation Ordinance 2002, demanding a proper apology from Imran within 14 days. The notice demanded apology with the same prominence as the allegations or otherwise warned of legal action against the PTI chief for the recovery of a sum of Rs10 billion in damages.

Imran had alleged at a rally in Peshawar that he was offered a bribe of Rs10 billion through a ‘common friend’ to keep mum over the Panama issue. Imran had also reiterated these allegations in various talk shows.

The PML-N leadership had vowed to take the matter to courts and asked Imran to either apologize or disclose the name of the ‘common friend’.

The PTI Punjab’s acting Information Secretary Raja Jahangir confirmed to The Express Tribune that Imran has yet to reply to the legal notices.

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