Russia launches first post-Soviet space rocket

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April 12, 2024


Russia on Thursday carried out from Vostochny Cosmodrome the first-ever launch of the new Angara-A5 rocket, the first launch vehicle developed in the country after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The launch was initially scheduled for Tuesday, but two minutes before the start the automatic equipment cancelled the start. The launch was also aborted at the last minute on Wednesday.

Head of the Russian Space Corporation (Roscosmos) Yury Borisov told reporters following the cancelled starts that the launch was conducted as part of the testing process, with the primary focus on ensuring a successful outcome rather than speed.

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“The current stage of testing is aimed exactly at identifying such nuances,” Borisov said.

Angara is a family of Russian launch vehicles from light to heavy class working on environmentally friendly fuel of kerosene and liquid oxygen.

Angara rockets are expected to be used for the launch of satellites into low Earth orbit, manned spacecraft and components of a new space station, and other loads.

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