Sajjad Ali trolls Patari for making comparison video with Momina Mustehsan

(Web Desk) – Pakistani singer Sajjad Ali has trolled Patari for making a comparison video between him and Momina Mustehsan for his song Har Zulm Tera Yaad Hay.

Yesterday, the music portal Patari posted a video on their Facebook page making a comparison between the two singers of their singing of the song. The video was titled, ‘Ultimate face-off between Sajjad Ali and Momina Mustehsan’. The music portal did not even hide their intention of making fans of both artists clash, and added a hashtag, #patariteeli, in the caption.

The song in question, written by poet Aftab Mazhar, was originally sung by Sajjad Ali and was released in his album, Koi To Baat Ho, in 2002. Momina Mustehsan on the other hand, who rose to fame just recently with her Coke Studio debut in season 9 of the show, recently came up with a cover of this song on her Youtube page.

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