Saudi Arabia announces sighting of Zilhaj moon, Eid ul Adha on June 16

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June 06, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court announced on Thursday that the moon for Zilhaj has been sighted, marking the beginning of the last month in the Islamic calendar.

According to Saudi media, the Supreme Court stated that testimonies of moon sightings were received from various parts of the country on the 29th of Zilqad.

The statement confirmed that the first day of Zilhaj will be on Friday. Consequently, Eid ul Adha will be observed in Saudi Arabia on June 16, with the Day of Arafat on June 15.

The moon for Zilhaj has also been sighted in other Gulf countries, as well as in the UK, the US, and Canada.

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Saudi Arabia has made special arrangements for this year’s Hajj, anticipating a record number of pilgrims from around the world. Measures include painting roads white in Arafat to reduce heat intensity.

In Pakistan, the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will convene on Friday, June 7, to observe the moon for Zilhaj.

“This year’s Hajj will see a historic number of pilgrims, and we have taken extensive measures to ensure their safety and comfort,” said a Saudi official.

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