Saudi Arabia can save SR20 billion by allowing women to drive

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can save SR20 billion ($5.3 billion) per year after the decision to allow Saudi women to drive a car, said Abdullah Ahmed Al-Moghlooth, a member of the Saudi Economic Association (SEA), reported Arab News.

Families in Saudi Arabia pay SR33 billion to the expatriate drivers as salaries annually. Moreover, there are iqama, recruitment, and work permit fees that must be paid by the employer for a foreign worker, the report added.

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It’s very hard for widows, divorced and single women to pay salary to driver and accompanying fees as well. That is why allowing women in Saudi Arabia to drive will take off this financial burden from this sector of Saudi society, the report pointed out.

Women in the Saudi Kingdom can be professional drivers as well.

“I believe that by making this decision the Saudi kingdom would able to save SR20 billion annually if it can be assumed that the 50 percent of the existing foreign drivers are not needed. Some families in Saudi Arabia shall choose not to recruit new drivers from other countries,” Al-Maghlooth said.

“We believe that this is a wise and positive decision that has dimensions, not only for the freedom of women in the Kingdom and to assure their rights, but it would also serve the country as an economic momentum,” he added.

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