Saudi Arabia or Qatar: Pakistan’s dilemma

(Web Desk) – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Maldives, Yemen and United Arab Emirates have cut off their diplomatic ties with Qatar. This move by Saudi Arabia and its allies has put Pakistan in a difficult position with regards to the regional politics of Middle East.

According to experts, tensions between the Arab gulf states and Iran will not only have an effect on the Middle East, but the fallout from these diplomatic tensions will also affect South Asia.

Analysts are saying that the current scenario portrays the fact that apart from Tehran, Doha has also started opposing the policies of Riyadh. According to Preston University s professor of International Relations Dr Iman Memon, the steps taken against Qatar are indicating that the situation is about to turn for the worse.

He added that the problem for the government of Nawaz Sharif is that the Sharifs have a close relation with both the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Sharif family was given refuge by the Saudi royal family after the coup of 1999. On the other hand, the Sharifs have trade relations with Qatar.

Moreover, with regards to Panama leaks, Qatar is also important due as the letter by a Qatari royal is an important part of the case for the Sharifs. The Qatari who sent the letter, Hammad Bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani, is part of the royal family of the current emir. Therefore, the Nawaz government will try not to offend the Qataris as it could backfire in the Panama leaks case.

Another important point to consider is that hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis are working in Saudi Arabia and UAE, who send remittances back to the country that are an integral part of Pakistan s economy. Taking Qatar s side in this issue might put the employment of these Pakistanis and their families in Pakistan into jeopardy.

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