The Saudi-backed Arab Coalition announces $1.5 bln in aid for Yemen

The Saudi-backed Arab Coalition in Yemen announced the provision of $1.5 billion in aid to the country on Monday.

The coalition added that they will make sure to keep all ports open including the Hodeidah port in order to continue receiving humanitarian aid for the Yemeni people, in light of the Houthis still blocking any aid to come into the country through the ports.

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The announcement came following a Saudi Arabia’s $2 billion monetary aid to Yemen’s central bank to help the country’s currency.

“The coalition will coordinate $1.5 billion in new humanitarian aid funding for distribution across UN agencies and international relief organizations,” the coalition announced in a statement.

The coalition added that they aim to increase monthly imports to 1.4 million metric tons, from 1.1 million last year. The program seeks to open land, sea, and airways to Yemen in order for this increase to happen, they said in the statement.

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