A Saudi entrepreneur from the petrochemical industry wins Shell global prize

A Saudi entrepreneur from the petrochemical industry, Ghazael Aldossary, has won the merit prize at Shell LiveWIRE’s “Top Ten Innovators” global competition, which highlights and rewards LiveWIRE businesses that demonstrate excellence in innovation.

Through Ghazael’s company, Oriental Promises Trading, she connects large manufacturers to waste materials which can be repurposed for their needs, reducing the volume of industrial waste going to landfills and saving on the environmental impact from creating new materials. Specializing in the recycling of polycarbonate materials, the company’s innovative process converts polycarbonate waste back to its raw material form, closing the loop on a high-demand product.

Ghazael was the first female Saudi entrepreneur to operate in the recycled industrial waste sector and was the only winner from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the competition.

“Top Ten Innovators” is a worldwide competition open to the alumni of Shell Intilaaqah, the MENA version of Shell LiveWIRE, a Royal Dutch Shell Social Investment Programme which operates in 15 countries, supporting young entrepreneurs.

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